March 1, 2013
The New York Street Food Guide

March 1, 2013
Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger on Los Angeles' Food Trucks Read more:

August 27, 2012
Going Off the Grid - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

August 18, 2012
SF Weekly Food Truck Bite of the Week: Like Right on Rice

One I haven’t tried!

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August 11, 2012
This makes me very, very sad

Sizzler Has a Food Truck. Sorry, Hipsters How a hot local trend became a marketing vehicle for national chains….

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August 9, 2012
Casey’s Pizza San Francisco

I am not being a big fan of pizza it is not something I normally eat, rarely in fact. But from time to time I give it a whirl which is why I took the opportunity to try Casey’s Pizza. Their website was fairly convincing especially when you look at their menu offerings.

And while I ultimately didn’t love the pizza I certainly appreciate that they use really fresh ingredients, many of which are sprinkled on at the end like exceptional cheeses and thyme.  

And they certainly do look amazing!

The Zoe with tomato, Zoe’s pepperoni, aged mozz, fior di latte, grana padano, sea salt, EVO:

The Funghi with sauteed shitakes, thyme, garlic, aged mozz, fior di latte, grana padano, sea salt, chili flakes, EVO:

I like the attention to detail and the addition of fresh ingredients (by smiling staff) at the  end like thyme and cheese.

Although these guys are part of the Off the Grid family, they are a little harder don’t do the big weekly events.  But you can find their schedule of their website and you can keep up with them on their Twitter feed.

August 9, 2012
Street Fight: Food Trucks vs. Restaurants

Interesting article that depicts how…

Some Big Cities Jump Into the Fray, Enacting Parking Restrictions to Cope With Rising Tide of Gourmet Vendors…

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August 3, 2012
Senor Sisig Post on SF Foodies

One I haven’t tried yet…looks awesome!

July 26, 2012
Bacon Bacon San Francisco

Bacon. Enough said right? Except that it is Bacon Bacon and it is awesome! 

I love bacon, but it doesn’t always love me, I get migraines from the nitrates… And a lot people using really cheap bacon.  Not Bacon Bacon. They use the good stuff and it is porkfect!

As you can imagine all the menu items are focused on bacon and includes things like the Bacon Bouquet (what every girl wants!).

Or several amazing sandwiches like The Belly with Pork belly, organic fried egg, arugula and caper aioli.

There are several varieties of french fries including Spicy Belly Fries which have pork belly trimmings and peppers.

Who could wrong with a taco that contains three types of pork? The aptly names Triple B Taco with  pork butte, pork belly, bacon, peppers and goat cheese is insanely good.  Or good, good, good!

For those who favor salads (really, who are you?) they’ve got you covered with a Salad of the Day selection like this one which includes bacon bits, of course!

But one of my favorite items (besides the BLT with goat cheese) is their burger with an amazing bacon jam that is outrageous. It’s got two patties, bacon, sauteed onions, cheddar and the jam - yum!

And since I can’t find the photo I took, it looks like I will have to do some more “research” in order to get one!

They travel through various spots in the city: Off the Grid, 888 Brannan Gift Center, Soma StrEAT Food Park as well as other spots in the greater Bay Area.  You can keep up with them on their Twitter feed.

July 24, 2012
The Chairman Truck San Francisco

I have been eating at The Chairman (formerly Chairman Bao) for over a year and I have to say that I rank it as the best food truck in San Francisco. Not only is the food good (it fantastic actually) but it is consistently good and that is something that seems to be hard to do on the food truck scene.

There are many other trucks that I like, but they have a tendency to be hit or miss and that is a bummer.  Somehow, this doesn’t seem to impact The Chairman and for that reason it remains my favorite.

The Chairman’s menu consists of dumplings and buns. I have tried the buns but prefer the dumplings, probably because I can eat more so it allows me to have several flavors as opposed to getting just one, always a bonus in my book!

Here are the usual suspects:

Pork belly with daikon and shiso dumpling

This one is my personal favorite.  Despite being pork belly, it doesn’t feel too fatty because it is well cooked.

Spicy chicken with sesame purée, pickled carrots dumpling

Coca-Cola braised pork with savoy cabbage

Crispy miso cured fofu with garlic-tofu mayo and choy sum

Not on the menu all the time, so grab it if they got it: Muscovy duck confit terrine with green papaya, orange pickled red onions and mint (sorry no photo..yet!)

They travel through various spots in the city: Off the Grid, 888 Brannan Gift Center, Soma StrEAT Food Park as well as other spots in the greater Bay Area.  You can keep up with them on their Twitter feed.